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Our humble begginings

Our humble begginings

The PAARALANG KAUNLARAN NG NAYONG DDF (PKN-DDF) is a Private Educational Institution located in one of the remote areas of Davao City.

The school was initiated 0n 1978 due to the prevailing demand of the community to open a private school in order to provide our school
children with a better option to education. It started with a Pre-School Kindergarten and gradually the Elementary Level was completed
and recognized by the Department of Education (DepEd) on 1984. It was also the time when the founder Alexander L. Orcullo was assassinated.

PKN-DDF suffered many major setbacks after the death of the Founder. However, with the able support of the community and parents, the school
survived and maintained the standard of quality of education that formed the basic foundation of the schoolchildren.

After 40 years of successful operation as an Elementary School, the Junior High School wa opened on 2012 and was finally granted
Government recognition on 2017. PK-DDF is now the only Private High School in Barangay Mandug.


The PAARALANG KAUNLARAN NG NAYONG DDF is a Private, Filipino, Non-sectarian Community School that is dedicated to provide the quality education at the lowest feasible cost determined in consultation with its parents.

It is private that it was conceived from the vision of a group of private individuals residing in the area in response to the need of
non-commercialized education.

It is Filipino in that it develops, preserves and nurtures the Filipino values of the bayanihan spirit, social justice, freedom and democracy.

It is non-sectarian in that it is a school open to any religious beliefs, although student formation is gained towards Christian Life Education
and value formation.

It is community in that it is operated in partnership with every parent who has a child enrolled in the school.The school is committed to giving
access to education to residents of DDF Village, including that of the nearby rural sector who remained marginalized for lack better options.


This is the symbol for which PKN-DDF stands for. The hands represent the collaboration of the stakeholders and community towards a commitment to raise the lives of the next generations to come. The book represents the tool to this commitment using education to improve lives.

The fire is our burning desires and efforts to educate children, encircled by the light and guidance of GOD the Almighty. The light-blue color background represents the imperial heavens that the school aimed to serve for a magnitude of students. The lines in the blue background are the different struggles of the school in altering goals.

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DDF Village, Mandug, Davao City 8000, Philippines

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